Wednesday, July 2, 2014

An Extraordinary Day!

Today was a great day! Our class has run the 5 kilns 11 times in 3 days. That's incredible! A big thanks to Mike Bailey, our TTU electrical Angel who has helped us when we blew out the fuses in the old electrical panel, not once, but twice! He's the best! He found a solution for us to run all the kilns at once so we can do even more! Each of the students has 3 projects in progress, which is a lot for just 3 days.

Tomorrow we will will be cold working all morning, then cleaning up and going home for the Holiday. I'll see them all again on Sunday night at 7pm! We'll be welcoming a guest to demonstrate life casting in glass, and then we'll be sculpting in clay making our open face glass castings. We'll also be doing Frit painting and screen printing on glass with enamels. If we have time, we'll do a pot melt and high fire boil.

There is so much I'd love for the students to experience, and we just have 3 weeks. Did I mention how awesome my group is? Every one of them is fantastic! We went to Coopers BBQ together for dinner, and we're already family. I am one lucky instructor!

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