Monday, June 30, 2014

Slide Pendants for Rick Kincheloe

My first series of pendants
Strip constructed slab in the making. Bonus: I programmed a kiln for the first time! 

The Kilns are Open!

That moment when the kiln is opened , but, they're too hot to touch.

Slide pendants

Waiting and Watching!

Our first firing is in 3 kilns! Now we just wait for 2 hrs. Then we'll cold work tonight and then back into the kilns for a goods fire polish. Tonight we saw! Yeah!!

Thanks to out benefactors at Jen-Ken kilns for the awesome loaner kilns and to Bullseye glass for their generous donation. We have 80 amps of power for our kilns which is pretty great and another 40 amps for our cold working equipment. Lucky us!!!!

Fused Glass- Day 1

Junction Panorama
Kiln talk.
Kiln Setup
Lapidary Setup

Brick kilns

Fiber kilns

Kiln Programming (Martha)

Unfired Slide pendants (Rebekah)