Friday, July 18, 2014


My strip plate that I had worked so hard on, got thermal shock after slumping. So I reworked the plate by full fusing it to remove the cracks from thermal shock, then cold worked it again, and slumped it again. It is pretty perfect now. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Our Group Statement!

Texas Tech University, School of Visual Arts
Kiln Formed Glass – Instructor: Gail Stouffer, MAE
Junction 2014

We are a diverse group of educators and students with a wide array of two-dimensional and three-dimensional artistic backgrounds. Prior to this class, none of us had any formal training in glass. In our three weeks of class, we were given a wealth of technical knowledge, artistic inspiration and classroom application.

We explored the many aspects of glass, which included functional, sculptural, conceptual, and decorative works. This includes casting, slumping, fusing and screen-printing, just to name a few. Individually, we learned to adapt the material to our specific artistic voices. We can now confidentially present kiln formed glass in a classroom environment, appropriately modifying the content to the student level.

Through the body of work we created in 3 weeks, our ideologies and personal histories were skillfully conveyed in this new medium.

Martha Underriner
Julee Reese
Lorena Williams
Richard Kincheloe
Rebeka Holmes

Syndey Kim

Screen print

Billet filled molds

Glass casting results

I finished my first glass casting piece! I am so excited to incorporate this into my figurative ceramic work in the future.